Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Automotive Bail Outs or Building IT infrastructure for the future?

We live in interesting economic times and I can't claim that I'm a big fan of bailing out businesses that have failed, without finding some way of adapting that business to our current economic and social climates.  However, this line of thinking on government investment in building not just highways, but IT infrastructure as a means to improve the basis for much of our economy seems quite exciting.  As a few of my previous posts indicate, I'm quite interested in cloud computing as a way to improve the ability of businesses to rapidly adapt to changes and to spend more time focusing on the core of the business as opposed to managing IT.  This seems like an area where government investment in support of cloud computing and IT infrastructure updates could substantially benefit government organizations, educational institutions, health care and small businesses.  The blog entry has some enticing food for thought and a new outlook on a possible solution for improving our economy, increasing employment, and improve the underlying infrastructure on which so many of our businesses today are built.

Food for thought....