Friday, April 10, 2009

Near Final session which covers Lightning talk readouts from some of the working groups

Okay, I was slow and missed some of the updates, so this is more sketchy than I usually am, but here are some of the readouts.

gnome mobile

Maintainers of various projects were able to meet with users of those projects across the vendors.  There is a lot of talk of fragmentation across the embedded space, mimo, moblin, mobile can help demonstrate that the fragmentation that exists isn't as dramatic as it may appear.

open printing

Still a shortage of manpower; it would help to have LF be more of a mentor at the google summer of code.  We get 10 students for three months from the google summer of code.  One will be working on getting JDK into the LSB.  One or more will be working on wireless.

There are still some challenges in how openprinting and the distributions integrate the downloading of new drivers for new printers.  Continued to discuss the common open printing dialog.  There wasn't enough time so next year there is a proposal to start several days before the summit again to provide more time for discussion.


Open Linux targetted towards mobile technologies.  Discussed what components are part of the stack.  Includes connman and mojito as two topics.  A couple of sessions on clutter (sp?) on using actors and timelines to create an animation in your application.  A track on the moblin SDK.  Last track was about porting applications to moblin. And a discussion of the changes between moblin v1 and v2.  Talked about creating a moblin compliance profile for LSB with the LSB team.

HPC track

9 of the 10 largest computers in the world run Linux.  Roughly half of the people who run those sites were present to meet with the Linux Foundation community. 

Tracing solution

mostly non-competing, er collaborting projects started yesterday.  Christoph Hellwig talked about how they worked to find some agreement on some very low level issues.  Members were assigned action items, many of which worked through the night to address their action items for today.

Jim at the summary pitched the upcoming Linux Events that the Linux Foundation is sponsoring.

There are a few sessions this afternoon but the official event ends with this summary.  Thanks all for reading (or attending!).  And feel free to post pingbacks if you documented any of the sessions that I did not attend.


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