Monday, March 30, 2009

Linux Video Contest

You know how life becomes so busy that fun things like blogging fall to the wayside? Well, that's where I've been. I have lots of fodder for some decent blogging but it takes something a little more on the fun side to pull me into the blogosphere again: The Linux Foundation's Video Contest. While it is now to late for new entries, there appears to be a decent number of new videos to vote on. And many of them are pretty cute. I haven't seen many that will make the superbowl commercials but the diversity of thought and rational for using Linux makes good food for thought and there are a few that might help people sort of get what it is all about. There is less focus unfortunately on what Linux can really do for the average home user and more on why people choose to participate in the Linux community or why people use Linux and are annoyed with the reliability or cost of other platforms. But for Linux geeks, there are some summaries of why Linux is a great option and maybe, just maybe, the Linux Foundation will do a repeat of this next year and we'll see some maturing of the videos to focus on why mom & pop or a small business or why your family could or should use Linux.

But in the meantime, go ahead and view (and rate!) the vidoes! It is a fun diversion in the middle of a hectic work week!



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