Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cloud Computing paper presented at the Linuxsymposium is now available

Well, I've dropped way behind being "as it happens" with news and info, but my Cloud Computing paper is now available from the linuxsymposium.org site - my paper is about page 197 of Volume 1 I will also make the slides available to anyone that asks (stripped down a little but still a bit chunky because I went overboard on pictures of clouds a bit, oops.)

I'm currently at the Next Generation Data Center - interestingly enough there was a lot of alignment between the Cisco keynote speech and what we are working on in IBM. I'm also sitting in on the Virtualization 2.0 track where there is a lot of discussion about the pain points and progress in moving from virtualization 1.0 to virtuailzation 2.0 (btw, I do not see a crisp definition of the differences from the presenters, most just a view that virtualization is evolving - and rather slowly at that. The most appropriate quote was that the adoption cycles are much slower than the talk-about cycles. But there is clearly progress in adoption of virtualization and some of the new problems I've referred to before are also becoming more visible across the industry, such as consolidation exposing more problems in high availability and such.

All in all, the rate and pass of change related to virtualization, grid, cloud computing (oh, matrix computing came up - I have to look that one up) is constant, although pretty slow in the eyes of the technologists.


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