Monday, August 14, 2006

Containers and Virtualization

The sourceforge list for containers (lxc) is being shut down since sourceforge mailing lists are being soooo slow. The list list is at OSDL - People working on openvz and vserver (with the goal of getting a common solution into the mainline linux kernel) will get postings sent to this list as well since the plan is currently to subscribe the existing openvz and vserver mailing lists to this list

To subscribe, please visit:

The end result of this discussion and relevent patches should be a single infrastructure in the mainline kernel that is fast, reasonably complete, and allows any other solutions to be wholly contained within the kernel or enabled through user level applications on top of the base kernel support. Today, all major groups are consolidating here with some healthy debates about the details of implementation. No outlook yet on completion but all groups are motivated to generated patches as fast as possible.



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